AFFPS Partnership Opportunities

The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces was established in 2005 to support the arts community by creating events and Festivals in the Atlanta area providing a stage to highlight local talent and celebrate community. Our Festivals are reputable of being professionally managed to create a “destination” in which both public and private opportunities for economic growth can be explored.

They are also fantastic avenues for businesses to connect with customers. Art Festival consumers tend to be active, highly educated and have higher than average household income. When approached with the right marketing message, they are willing consumers of brands that support the arts.

If your business could benefit from the exposure our art festivals provide, keep reading!

Our Neighborhoods: Chastain Park, Piedmont Park, Sandy Springs, Olmsted Linear Park and Peachtree Hills, Old Fourth Ward

Our Audience: 60% Female 40% Male; 65% Families, Average age 42, Average-Above Average Income.


Partnership Opportunities

Opportunities to market your business at all AFFPS events are plentiful! From a simple display space to an integrated marketing campaign featuring media inclusion and product placement, the marketing staff at AFFPS can work with you to determine the best possible options based on your needs and budget.

Options could include:

• A 10×10 booth space, which includes a tent, table, 2 chairs and basic electric
Partnership of a specific event asset: The First Aid Station, a Baby Changing Area, the Water Stations, Artist VIP and more.
Presenting partnership of the event, where your brand is built into the name of the event and receives inclusion in all outside media and PR.
Marketing programs begin at $1750 per event (with multiple events)

What can we customize for you to help your business connect with our consumers?

Contact Randall Fox for Partnership/Sponsor Opportunities: